Call Center Supervisor

 Call (contact) center supervisors have access to data about their call center in two different locations:

  1. Contact Center Reports - which shows analytics for the call center
  2. Supervisor tool within GoToConnect - which is for current activity information

Call Center Reports can be accessed by logging in to using Firefox or Chrome. A list of the reports available from the Contact Center is found at You must have "View Report" privileges within the phone system to access these reports. It is important to note that if you are running an analytics report from this site, if a particular call center doesn't have the type of data for the time period you specified for the report, that call center queue will not appear in the list (e.g. you try to run the Agent Summary report for today before you've had any calls).

Note: Call reports only go back 90 days so if you want monthly reports, it is recommended that you run them at the end of each month. 

If you have been granted supervisor access to a call center in Dartmouth's phone system, when you log into GoToConnect desktop on your computer, you will see a gauge icon in the left navigation column which will take you to the Supervisor's dashboard. Click this icon to access the supervisor interface for your call center. See for information about this dashboard. 

For more information about supervisor's use of the Call Center see


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