Using the Call Center Agent in GoToConnect

If you are part of a Call center, when you log into GoToConnect Desktop on your computer, you will see a headset icon in the left navigation column. Click that icon to quickly log into the queues that you're assigned to, to pause you current availability in queues, to see your daily activity, etc. 

To log into a call center from GoToConnect Mobile, or a physical phone, dial *13. You'll be prompted for the queue number for the call center you're logging into, enter that 5 digit number. It is important to note that the queue number is different than the phone number that you'll be answering calls for. If you don't know your queue extension number, your supervisor should be able to provide this for you. See for more information on this. 

For information on using the Agent in GoToConnect see or

Important: Do NOT use the "Do Not Disturb" option in GoToConnect while you are logged into a call center queue. Doing this will make your phone not ring, but since you are still logged into the queue, you will still get calls sent to your phone - which you won't know because your phone isn't ringing. Always use the "Pause queues" or log out of the queue if you're not available to take phone calls. 


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