Changing Display Settings in Windows 10


When you connect an external display to your computer but it appears black, it's mirroring, or extending your display. 


All Windows 10 desktops and laptops.


Often your display settings are set up incorrectly. 


There are a few ways to change you display settings on a Windows 10 computer. 

1. Using Hotkeys

  • Pressing the Windows Key + P 
  • Note: This is intended for only 1 external monitor. It may not always work when setting up 3 displays


2. Display Settings

  • Right click on your desktop and select Display Settings
  • You can change your Resolution, Orientation, Scale, and Multiple Display settings. Be sure to scroll down to see all settings


3. 3rd Party Graphics Software 

  • Intel Graphics and AMD Radeon Graphics are the most common. Note:  Not install on all computers
  • They can be found in your Control Panel or in your installed applications


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