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What is Dropbox?

  • Dropbox is used for collaboration and storage of content that you can easily access and share.
  • Dropbox allows users to sync their content online and across devices automatically.
  • Dropbox allows users to share easily and securely.

Who is Dropbox used for?

  • Students using Dropbox for coursework
  • Using Dropbox for their Dartmouth College work:
    • Faculty
    • Staff

Why should you use Dropbox

  • Unlimited storage space
  • File sharing
  • Automatic organization & back-up
  • Any device accessibility
  • Link-sharing via email, chat or text message
  • Online back-up & file recovery
  • Dartmouth has an Enterprise Business license of Dropbox

How can I learn more about Dropbox?

How do I get to my Dropbox account?

  • Go to dropbox.dartmouth.edu ​​OR
  • If you go to dropbox.com, click on "Sign In" in the upper right, then enter your primary Dartmouth email address you will be routed to dropbox.dartmouth.edu.

Who supports Dropbox?

  • Service Desk

I have a question about Dropbox

  • Search Dropbox Help
  • Search Dropbox Community
  • Use Google to check for an answer
    • Make use of Google's site search feature: site:dropbox.com "your request"

I need to submit a ticket about Dropbox


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ITC Internal Staff Only

INTERNAL Service Support Page -  Dropbox Service Support Page.