Mersive Solstice Pod Network Setup

Mersive Solstice Pods are a great way to allow users to share audio/video content to a screen or projector in a conference room or classroom.  In order to ensure that they work properly for users and the Dartmouth campus network, they must be configured as follows:


The Solstice Pod should be configured to not broadcast it's own WiFi network or SSID.

The Solstice Pod's Ethernet port should be connected to a network wall jack.

A Static IP Address and/or DNS Hostname is not required, but often desired in order to assign a permanent user-friendly name with which to connect to the Solstice Pod.


When installed in this way, users will be able to connect to eduroam WiFi to access both the Internet and campus network resources while at the same time being able to connect to and stream content to the Solstice Pod.  Solstice Pods configured in this way will also not interfere with the campus WiFi network for others in the area.



If desired, the Solstice Pod can be configured to use a Semi-Public VLAN so that users on both eduroam and Dartmouth Public can stream content to the Solstice Pod.  This is ideal for conference or meeting rooms that are often used for non-Dartmouth people (contractors, vendors, guest lecturers, business relations, etc.) to present using the Solstice Pod.  Please contact the Service Desk and ask for Network Services to provision the Semi-Public VLAN on the wall jack to which the Solstice Pod connects.



Screenshots of the Solstice Dashboard configuration pages are below as a reference.




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