How to Print a Large Format Document Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

If you need to print a document that is larger than your printer can handle, you can use tiling to split the document over several pages. Once they are printed, the pages are pieced together to form the large format document.

To do this in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Windows or Mac:

  1. Open the document that you wish to print.
  2. Click on File > Print.
  3. Under Page Sizing & Handling, click on Poster.

  1. Choose your settings
    1. The Tile Scale setting allows you to choose how big the document will be. As you change the tile scale, the preview on the right should show how large the document will be in inches and how many pages will be required. 

  1. The Overlap setting allows you to choose how much the pages overlap with each other. You can enter a value between 0 and 2 inches. More space might help with taping the pages together, although it may also require more pages to be printed. 
  2. Selecting "Cut marks" will print small markers on the pages to show where to cut in order for the pieces to come together properly.
  3. Selecting "Labels" will print the file name and page number on each page to help organize the pieces when assembling.
  4. Selecting “Tile only large pages” will only split up the pages that are larger than the selected paper size. 


  1. Click Print.


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