Copying Konica Minolta Address Book to a Different Copier using Pagescope

Moving an address book from one Konica Minolta device to another is a two-step process: Copy the address book from the original device, then import it to the new device.

Copying the Address Book:

  1. Open Pagescope.
  2. Highlight Basic Settings and choose the desired copier and click Authentication Settings/Address Settings.
  3. In the "Import the device information window", make sure that Address settings is checked, then choose Obtain from Device and select Import.
  4. In the “Confirm of the SSL certification” window click Yes. It takes a minute or so for functions to appear in the next window.
  5. On the left, in the window that appears, expand Address settings and then click Address book.
  6. Click the File dropdown menu and choose Export > Save address book in the Tab Text type field.
  7. Save the file to your computer (it can either be opened in Excel or in Notepad). You should see confirmation that the address book was saved.

Import the Address Book to the New Device:

To restore an address book to a new machine other than the one that was used previously, do the following:

  1. In Pagescope, highlight Basic Settings and choose the copier that you are copying TO and click Authentication Settings/Address Settings.
  2. Click the Import button and click Yes to accept the SSL certificate.
  3. Click Address settings and expand and click address book.
  4. Click the File menu and choose Import > Import each data from the file…
  5. Select the file you saved (above).
  6. Choose Import data from the first line and then click the check boxes under "Destination Type for E-mail" and others if needed (i.e. fax, SMB, FTP) and click Next.
  7. Check the box under Header line settings to Use data following header line.
  8. Check the box under "Delimiter for Tab" and click Next.
  9. Match the “allocation of import field” with the “Import field list” and hit Next.
  10. Select all fields for import, then hit Select and then Import.
  11. If an Import Settings window opens, check "FTP settings – passive mode" and click OK.
  12. When the update screen appears, click Export to the device to save the changes.




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