Listserv: Edit List Owner's Email Address

Occasionally, a list owner will inadvertently change their own email address in a list's owner field. After logging out of Listserv, owner won't be able to log into Listserv. If the user owns several lists, the owner can log into listserv but won't be able to modify the list with the modified email address. To fix this mistake, another List owner logs into Listserv and corrects the owner's email address, or Help Desk logs into Listserv and corrects the owner's email address in the appropriate list.


  1. Log into
  2. Select from the Menu - List Management > List Configuration > Manual List Configuration
  3. In the List Header window, locate the incorrect email address in a line beginning with Owner (e.g. Owner=
  4. Edit the email address (e.g.
  5. Click Save



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Wed 7/31/19 4:25 PM
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