Can no longer print Mail Merge Documents


Can no longer print mail merge documents.  When trying to print specific pages, it doesn't reach the printer.


This article applies to Microsoft Word in a Windows 10 environment.


The printer can no longer read what pages are set to print.


  • Normally when you want to print only specific pages or range of pages in a Word document, you can simply specify to print the range by specifying the beginning page and end page using a - symbol.
    • Example: If you want to print pages 3 through 10 you would select File > Print from the menu and type 3-10 in the Page Range box. However you may encounter problems attempting this with a mail merged document.
  • When you create a mail merge, Microsoft Word places what is know as pages into sections. According to Microsoft Help, you can print a range of pages within sections by specifying the page numbers and section numbers.
    • Example: if you want to print page 3 (in section 3) and page 4 (in section 4) you would select File > Print from the menu and type p3s3-p4s4 in the Page Range box. However, this won't work with a mail merge either.
  • If both methods above won't print specific pages with a mail merge, then try this:
  • Select File > Print from the menu
  • In the Page Range box, enter the range of numbers by using only the section numbers.
    • Example: s3-s10 (This should print pages 3 through 10)



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