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Logging In to RDS

  1. Open an Internet Explorer browser session.
  2. Enter and navigate to the url address:     https://rds.dartmouth.edu
  3. Log in using the following:

Domain\user name:  kiewit\your netid

Password:  Your network password. 

  1. Click “Sign In” (or hit the <ENTER> key).

Note:  The first time you connect to the RDS website with Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to install an Active X plug-in. Choose “Allow”.


  1. You should see the production applications that are accessible to you in RDS.  





  1. Click on an application icon to start it, and log in per usual.




  1. Your RDS session window will stay open in the background in Internet Explorer.


Logging Out of RDS

  1. Log out of the application(s) that you are accessing via RDS.
  2. Maximize the RDS session in Internet Explorer.
  3. Click “Sign out” in the upper right hand corner.


Saving an RDS Favorite in Internet Explorer

  1. To save RDS in your Internet Favorites, refer back to the section, “Logging In to RDS”, Step 2.
  2. To save a shortcut:
    1. In your bookmark bar, click the save bookmark icon:


  1. In a favorites folder, navigate to favorites and select where you would like to save:



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