Recover files/folders from a DartFS snapshot

Most DartFS lab and home spaces are backed-up via snapshots and kept for retrieval daily for a week, weekly for a month, monthly for 3 months.

From a Windows Machine

  1. Navigate to the mounted volume and to the closet parent directory of the file(s) you would like to recover
  2. Right-click on the folder
  3. Select 'Previous Versions'
  4. Navigate and copy the files you need back into your DartFS

From a Mac or Linux

The easiest way to recover these files is to:

  1. Log into Andes/Polaris/Discovery from a Terminal application
  2. Change directories to the hidden .snapshot folder – note, you cannot see the .snapshot folder when you list the content of your home directory, but it is there.  It may be easier to "cd" to the directory with missing files, then "cd .snapshot"
  3. Look for a date you think your files would have been present by listing the .snapshot directory content
  4. Go into that directory and copy them out and back to your home where they belong, outside of the .snapshot folder 


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