Konica Minolta - Scan to email is intermittently not working


Sometimes Scan-to-Email on the Konica Minolta copiers intermittently doesn't work, and shows a "Deleted Due to Error" message in the Job History log on the copier.

In cases like this where Scan-to-Email sometimes works, but sometimes does not, one solution is to power cycle the copier. This means shutting down the copier using the main power switch, which may be located on the side of the Copier, or inside one of the front doors on the copier. The power switch often has an orange border around it for identification.

Switch the copier to off, and wait 10-20 seconds, then power it back on again.

If there continue to be problems with Scan-to-Email, please contact the IT Service Desk at help@dartmouth.edu or call 646-2999.


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Thu 6/6/19 6:50 PM
Tue 11/12/19 10:35 AM