Dartmouth issued Mobile Phone Plans and Policies

Please refer to the Dartmouth Controllers Office Webpage to determine eligibility for Mobile Communication Device and Services Policy.

If eligible for a Dartmouth issued mobile phone, the following must be in place:

  • The fiscal officer for the employee's department should contact Procurement Services to establish a mobile phone plan through Dartmouth's enterprise mobile phone contracts with Verizon Wireless or AT&T. 
  • The fiscal officer will be set up as the account manager for the Department's mobile phone plan and devices. 
  • The account manager is authorized to purchase mobile devices for the Department's staff and add or remove services from the plan such as an international plan for those travelling outside the United States. 
  • The account manager is responsible for managing the costs and fee's associated with their Department's staff mobile phone use. Any questions or issues with the plan should be directed to Denise Moses Contract Manager for Dartmouth Mobile Plans and Devices.

Support for the care and use of Dartmouth issued mobile devices can be obtained by contacting Verizon Wireless or AT&T through their websites or support phone numbers. When calling their support phone line, your phone number will be recognized as belonging to a Dartmouth College mobile contract and support will be provided. It will not be necessary to have the account manager's information to receive support for device use. In-Store support from Verizon Wireless can be obtained at a Verizon Wireless Store. A Verizon Wireless "authorized retailer" (such as Ammcomm Wireless) may not provide support without the authorization from the account manager.

Please note-this is NOT the same as receiving the "Trustees of Dartmouth College" discount on a personal mobile phone plan with either provider.

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