Managing Duo Two-Factor Authentication for Student Org Accounts

Student Organizations that are officially recognized by the College are eligible to have a Dartmouth account.  These accounts are managed by Dartmouth staff who oversee the Organizations. When a student needs to gain access to an ORG account, they need to first contact the administrative offices for the Organization, who can authorize the Service Desk to work with the student requesting access.

Students who need to access COSO or Greek Life org accounts can also submit a Request Access to Student Org Account

Student Organizational account mailboxes can be accessed at and will require DUO 2 factor authentication.

Students who have enrolled their devices in DUO 2 Factor for their own Dartmouth account can enroll the same device in DUO for any Organizational accounts they access.

The process to enable students to add their enrolled devices to an Org account in DUO is as follows:

The Organizational account(s) should be pre-loaded in DUO by a DUO administrator.  This pre-load can be done by csv upload or added manually.  

A hardware token can be deployed to the Student Organization's administrative office and should be added to each of the Org accounts they manage by a DUO adminstrator via the DUO Admin console.  

When a student wants to add their device to an Org account, they will need to:

Connect to,

Sign in with the NetID and password for the Org account.

Click the link on the left labelled "add Device".  They will be required to DUO authenticate with an already enrolled device in order to add their device.  They should contact the administrative office for the Organization to receive a passcode generated from the hardware token assigned to the account that was pre-loaded in DUO.  Once the passcode is entered, they will be able to add their device to the ORG Account.




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