Duo Second Factor Devices

As part of the Duo enrollment process, you need to select which device you are going to use to receive codes from Duo. You can add additional devices to your Duo account once you have completed your initial enrollment. 

See instructions to Manage Your Devices.

Duo authentication can be used with landline phones, mobile phones with or without data, tablets that are assigned a mobile phone number, and hardware tokens.

Duo provides the following two-factor authentication options:

  • Duo mobile application (which supports both the Duo Push and one-time passcode methods)
  • Phone callback to your mobile, desk, or landline phone
  • SMS passcodes
  • Tokens (which can be obtained at the Computer Store)
  • Apple Touch ID

When you try to authenticate to a system using Duo, the list of devices you previously registered with Duo appears. Select which phone you want to use, and that phone will either ring or have an approval request pushed to it. Either approve the request on the mobile phone, or answer the call and listen to the instructions to authenticate.

If you don't have a cell connection at the time you need to authenticate, the Duo Mobile app can generate a one time code for you to enter.

See the links below for information on using Duo Mobile on different devices:



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