Project Request Data Definitions

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This article lists information required for the Review and Determination of an ITC project request.  Information is defined at request submission and also through consultation with an ITC delivery lead.  The purpose of the data is to develop key factors for determining the viability, feasibility, value, risk and benefits of a project request.  All data is reviewed through the approval process.

Client Supplied

Sponsor Name

Whoever "owns" the project on behalf of the organization. The person that has overall responsibility for a project and can authorize work on the project to begin.


Specify under which department in your organization this project falls.

Project Name

The name of the project as defined by the client.

Project Description

A few sentences describing the goals of the project.

Example:  Department A would like to purchase software to allow students to pre-order meals for pick-up at Collis.

Primary Beneficiary

The group that will primarily benefit from the project.

  • Enterprise - All of the Dartmouth community
  • Students - All or many active students
  • Faculty - All or many faculty
  • Research - All of the Dartmouth Research community
  • Alumni - All or many alumni
  • Department(s) - One or more departments
  • School(s) - One or more schools
  • Staff -  All or many employees
  • Individual(s) - One or more individuals (ie, Provost)

Additional Beneficiaries

All additional groups that will benefit from the project other than the Primary Beneficiary.

Requested Project Start Date

Indicate when you would like the project to start. A confirmation of project start date will be re-approved at project scheduling.  Please make sure your resources to work on the project will be available at this time.

Requested Project End Date

Indicate when you would like the project to be completed.  This may include dates that are impacted by contract completion, support time to live or compliance or regulatory required completion dates.

Time Critical (Yes or No)

Indicate if the project has a time critical completion date.

Example: Contract ends soon and replacement software is required.

Funding Source

  • Operating Budget
  • Grant Funded
  • Capital Investment

Funding Requested

Enter the total amount requested.


Please indicate what priority the project is against all requests from your department.

  • Low - Project can be done at available resource cycles, no problem identified, no risk identified.
  • Medium/Low
  • Medium - Project should be done at available resource cycles, problem may be identified, risk may be identified, workaround available/in place.
  • Medium/High
  • High - Project should be done as soon as resources are available, problem identified, risk identified, workaround available/in place.
  • Emergency - Project should be done as soon as resources are available, problem identified, risk identified, no workaround available.

Additional Information

Please fill out any of the below information that you know at this time. ITC will work with you during request consultation to complete this information.

Institutional Alignment

Choose all institutional alignments that apply for the project.

  • Accreditation
  • Adheres to regulatory and compliance policies
  • Enhances Dartmouth's profile
  • Enhances research
  • Enriches teaching and learning
  • Facilitates research
  • Improves administrative processes
  • Improves faculty experience
  • Improves student experience
  • Increases alumni outreach
  • Supports innovation
  • Builds opportunities

Institutional Risk

Choose any risks that Dartmouth incurs as a result of inaction or project failure.

  • Loss of Vendor Support
  • Regulatory or Compliance Violation - Dartmouth would be non-compliant or in violation of regulatory or compliance rules, laws or policies.
  • Technology Obsolescence
  • Technology Failure - Critical technology failure would cause significant loss (financial or reputational) to Dartmouth.
  • Reputational Impact - Dartmouth's reputation would be negatively impacted.
  • Security and/or Safety Breach - Dartmouth's community and/or property would be exposed to risk of dangerous activities and/or risk to continued exposure without remediation.
  • None identified - There is no identified institutional risk.

Institutional Initiatives

Choose all institutional initiatives that apply for the project.

  • Call to Lead Campaign
  • Campus Climate and Culture Initiative
  • Dartmouth 250th
  • Inclusive Excellence

Sponsor Effort in Person Months

Enter the amount of effort in person months your project resources will require to complete this project.

Example: testing, documentation, training, communication, marketing and process review

Sponsor Resource Impact

Enter the impact on sponsor resource time.

Example: We will require an additional FTE to maintain this system = 1.0. Or, we will free up one half FTE for other work = -.5.


After saving the initial project request form, you will be able to include files for review along with your submission.  These may include RFQ, RFI, RFP documents, quotes, and/or white papers in support of your discovery work.


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