Google Maps at Dartmouth - Create and share custom maps with Google MyMaps

Google MyMaps allows you to create and save geographic data and share custom maps.

To get started with Google MyMaps, follow this link and log in with your Dartmouth netid and password:

  • PHI users at Dartmouth will not be able to use their Dartmouth credentials.

For more information about working with MyMaps, or transferring MyMaps data to a desktop geographic information system, contact Research ITC by email at or navigate to and click "Contact Us".

From Google Drive, (, get to "Maps" via the waffle icon in the upper right corner of the Google Drive page.  Then, click the stack of pancakes icon in the upper left, click "Your Places" and then click "MAPS", "SEE ALL YOUR MAPS".  This will bring you to Google My Maps and allow you to create new maps or edit existing maps.  





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