Sharing .ipynb (Jupyter/iPython/Colab) notebooks via Dartmouth Google Drive

If you would like to share a .ipynb (Jupyter/iPython/Colab) notebook via Dartmouth Google Drive

  1. Put/locate in your Dartmouth Google Drive
  2. Right-click and select “Share”
  3. Specify “Anyone at Dartmouth with the link can view/comment/edit” (choose appropriate level of privilege)
  4. Copy the link or use the "People" box to share with Dartmouth emails

If you are the recipient of a shared .ipynb (Jupyter/iPython/Colab) notebook via Dartmouth Google Drive

  1. After you receive the e-mail, do not click on the link in the e-mail
  2. Open
    1. If not authenticated, authenticate using:
      1. Full Dartmouth e-mail address:
      2. When presented with WebSSO (green page) or DUO (blue), use NetID to authenticate
    2. If already authenticated with a personal/non-Dartmouth account (no D-pine logo in the upper right corner)
      • Click on user pic/avatar -> add account or select Dartmouth account
    1. Right-click on the .ipynb file
      • If the file is open, no copy will be made, and the file will be “read-only”
  3. Once authenticated with your Dartmouth e-mail (D-pine logo in the right upper corner)
    • In the left-hand side menu, select “Shared with me”
  4. Select “Make a copy”, which will create an editable copy in their Dartmouth Google Drive (“My Drive”)
  5. Move copy to desired Google Drive sub-directory and/or rename as desired
  6. Double-click to open
  7. Then select “Open with Colaboratory” to open and edit Notebook
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