How to configure Mac OS wi-fi so Eduroam connection automatic

Mac OS defaults to Dartmouth Public or Dartmouth Library Public wi-fi even when Eduroam is visible and listed as available. When computers connect to Dartmouth Public or Dartmouth Library Public, users will not be able to print to departmental or networked printers. 


  1. Confirm Eduroam profile is installed.
  2. Check System Preferences > Network > Advance > under Network Name that Eduroam is listed first. If not, move Eduroam to the first position.
    1. Delete any old wi-fi networks under Network Name.
    2. Click OK.
  3. Check System Preferences > Network > Wi-fi > Network Name is Eduroam and is checked to automatically join this network.
  4. Click Apply.


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Wed 2/27/19 12:09 PM
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