Changing Display Settings in Windows 10

Keyboard Shortcuts

This method is recommended when you need to make a quick change for a presentation on a projector, TV, etc. 

  • Press the Windows KeyP on your keyboard 

*Note: This is intended for only 1 external display. See below for a more advanced settings or if you are using more than 1 display. 

Display Settings

This method is recommended for people who are setting up their work station to use with multiple displays. 

  • Open your Start Menu
  • Select the small gear icon in the bottom left
  • Search for Display Settings and select the result with the same name. Or select System then select Display from the side menu. ​​ 
  • Once in Display Settings there will be 3 different settings you need to review
    • Multiple Displays
      Mirror, extend, or disable a display
    • Scale and Layout
      Change the scale, resolution, and orientation of individual displays
    • Rearrange displays
      If you are extending your displays, try to copy the physical setup of your displays. Dragging content between screens will be more intuitive.

      *Use the Identify button to help determine which screen is 1, 2, 3, etc. After rearranging the boxes you'll need to select Apply

3. 3rd Party Graphics Software 

  • Intel Graphics and AMD Radeon Graphics are the most common. Note:  Not installed on all computers
  • They can be found in your Control Panel or in your installed applications


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