Using Secure Print on Konica Minoltas from Mac

If you want to be able to send a document to a Konica Minolta printer, but not have it print until you get there and select it to print, follow the steps below. There are two parts to this process: setting up your printer on your computer, then actually releasing the print jobs at the printer.


Setting up Your Printer for Secure Print

  1. From a Word document, go to File > Print (We suggest doing this from a Word document as some applications do not give you the expected windows explained in the next steps)
  2. In the dropdown menu currently labeled Copies and Pages, select Output Method
  3. In the new Output Method section, select Secure Print
  4. Select Detail Settings
  5. Double-click the Secure Print field
  6. In the pop up box that opens up, you will need to create a Secure Print ID and Password. you will use the credentials to print your documents securely every time you walk up to the printer.
  7. Once you have entered your credentials, select the Save Settings check box and click OK

Note: Some printers are configured to use Account Track which differs from Secure Print. These two configurations can be used both independently or in sync. Please see the referenced article for more information on Account Track


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