Zoom - How do I grant scheduling privileges to another user?


A user needs to be able to schedule Zoom meetings on behalf of another user. In our environment it is likely that this user has been granted similar permissions in Outlook to be able to schedule and manage another users meeting schedule. Unless similar permissions are granted in Zoom, the user will have issues using the Zoom plug-in for Outlook.




Delegate user has not been given scheduling privileges in the Zoom solution. 


Zoom’s Scheduling Privilege allows a Dartmouth account holder to assign scheduling privileges to other Dartmouth account holders.  This is a helpful feature for administrative assistants. See Zoom Article. When assigning scheduling privileges, you are directed to enter the designee's email address.  You must enter the designee's email as netid@dartmouth.edu, not the full Dartmouth email address. To find an individual's NetID, open Contacts in your desktop client, find the name, place your cursor above that individual's avatar and the NetID will appear.  Alternatively, search the Dartmouth Name Directory (DND) Name Lookup.



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