Gmail at Dartmouth: Useful Tips

How do I log into my Dartmouth Gmail account?

There are several ways you can access your Dartmouth Gmail account:

Is there a preferred or recommended way to access my Gmail account?

Google highlights important security information regarding messages you've received in the native Gmail interface (via your web browser) or the official Google Gmail app on your mobile devices. Since this security information will not be available in 3rd party email clients (Mac Mail, Outlook, etc), we strongly recommend users access their email via Google's official site or tools.

How do I use O365 for my calendar but Gmail for my email?

See Using Gmail for Email and Office 365 for Calendar.

Once I move to Dartmouth's email, how can I see the "out of office" messages of the people I'm sending email to when I put their name in the "To" field of an email?

You will need to wait until you actually receive their "out of office" response as an email message in your account. There is no way to see this information in Gmail prior to sending the message. 

I am a member or owner of an O365 group and often send email to the group. When I email that group list from my Dartmouth Gmail account, my message bounces, telling me I'm not a member. How do I fix this?

The O365 Group membership needs to be changed to allow email from people outside of the organization. To do this, within the group in O365, click the gear icon in the upper right corner to display the group settings. Click Edit Group from the list that appears. Place a check in the Let people outside the organization email the group field, then click Save.

What is the largest size file attachment I can send or receive via Dartmouth Gmail?

Gmail's universal file attachment limit is 25 MB. However, if you send (not receive) files larger than this, Gmail will upload the file to your Google Drive and send a link to the message recipient, effectively allowing you to send much larger attachments. See Send Attachments with Your Gmail Message.

Is there any good information available if I am moving from Outlook over to Gmail?

Google has some excellent material for those of you that are moving over from Microsoft Outlook! Take a look over at the official GSuite Learning Center.


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