Pin a Network Drive to Quick Access list in Windows 10

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This is a safer method of connecting to a share on a server rather than the traditional mapped network drive in Computer.


  1. Open File Explorer and type the path to the server share into the bar at the top of the window and press the Enter key.  An example of what a server path looks like is:   \\server\foldername\subfoldername
  2. Assuming you have permissions to the share, the contents of the share will open up on the right hand side of File Explorer.  (If you are on a non-domain joined computer you will be asked for a NetID and password)
  3. In the left hand column of File Explorer, right-click on the folder or shared drive you want to shortcut and select Pin to Quick Access.
  4. The folder name will now be listed under the Quick Access section of File Explorer and you will need to click on it to access the network share.



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