Remote Desktop Services (RDS) on Windows

The following applications and now available via RDS:

  • Onbase
  • EBS (Financials, Procurement, HRMS)
  • EMS
  • Kronos
  • ODI
  • CS Gold
  • Computrition
  • CenterStone
  • R25
  • PageScope
  • Automic/Appworx

System Requirements

  • RDS is included with the Windows operating system; there is no application to install.
  • Web browser:
    • Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge - Supports Single sign on via Active X
    • Firefox, Chrome, Safari - Secondary authentication required
  • An Active Duo account tied to your NetID. (For Duo enabled applications only)
  • If you are accessing RDS from off campus, you will need to have a VPN connection. 

Using Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

To access applications via RDS, open a web browser and go to

Note: The first time you connect to the RDS website with Internet Explorer, you will be prompted to install an Active X plug-in. Choose Allow.

In the Domain\User name field, enter Kiewit\<your netid>. In the Password field, enter the password you use with your NETID.

Once you log in, you will see a collection of applications. You will only see the applications you have permission to.

Applications with "Duo" in the name will require Duo for authentication. Applications that do not have Duo in the name do NOT require Duo. See for more information about Duo.

Single click an application icon to start it.

Click Connect. If prompted, enter your password.

Common Issues

Once I log into RDS, I don't see the application I need.

It may be that you have not been granted access to that application via RDS. Contact your department's IT support group for assistance.


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