Enroll Your Apple Computer Into DAP - Mac OSX 10.12 and Older


Applies To

  • Computers owned by Dartmouth College
  • Mac OS X 10.12 or older


Jamf is a comprehensive support solution for Dartmouth-owned computer systems utilizing Apple based systems. With Jamf, ITC staff can proactively manage the entire lifecycle of all devices that meet the criteria specified above. This includes deploying and maintaining systems and software, responding to security threats, distributing settings, and analyzing inventory data. In addition, by enrolling in Jamf your computer will receive the Dartmouth Software Center application store for convenient access to key software and updates. The following steps will guide you through the installation of the agent onto your computer.

What You Will Need:

  • Administrative rights to your computer
  • Ability to approve Profile Rights for Jamf

Quick Guide:

  1. Log into the enrollment website https://dartmouth.jamfcloud.com/enroll with your NetID.
  2. Submit the NetID of the primary user and select Dartmouth as the Site and continue.
  3. Click Enroll and Continue to install the Dartmouth MDM Profile.
  4. You must install and approve the Dartmouth MDM Profile.


1. Go to https://dartmouth.jamfcloud.com/enroll

Gives the SSO login screen if you are not logged in already - Step 1 is identical

When prompted, enter your Dartmouth NetID and Password and click Log In.

2. You will receive a message saying 'Download and install this package.' Click the download button.


 Step 2

3. Message changes to 'Install the downloaded QuickAdd.pkg and a popup window is shown. Choose 'Open with Installer' and click OK

Step 3

4. The QuickAdd install wizard opens, and asks for permission to run. Click continue.

Step 4

5. Intro page for the install wizard. Click continue

Step 5

6. Destination select. Choose main drive (usually already chosen). Click continue

Step 6

7. Installation type. Standard install is the only option. Click install.

Step 7

8. Mac detects software being installed, asks permission. Type your mac administrator password (not always the same as SSO password) and hit Install Software.

Step 8

9. Software is installed. Mac detects extra changes being made, asks permission. Type your mac administrator password (not always the same as SSO password) and hit OK

Step 9

10. Enrollment. "Enter the credentials for your Jamf Pro Server account or LDAP directory account." These are your SSO login details.

Step 10

11. Enrolling. Please wait...

Step 11

12. The installation has completed. Click close

Step 12

Launch Dartmouth Software Center Application

The Dartmouth Software Center application will appear in your "Applications" folder after installation has completed.


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