Graduating Students - Manually Export Email and Contacts to Gmail

Follow the steps below to transfer email and contacts from your account to a Gmail account.

1. Set up forwarding of your Dartmouth email to your Gmail account.

ImportantOnce you complete this step, no email will be delivered to your mailbox; it will only be forwarded to the email account you specify. You will not be able to recover messages sent to your account after your set forwarding from your mailbox. Therefore, ENSURE that the email address you enter is accurate.

  1. Log on to Dartmouth's Directory Manager at
  2. Click Email Delivery Options and check the Enable Forwarding box.
  3. Enter your Gmail address and click Update Delivery Address. Double-check the address you enter for accuracy!
  4. Your incoming Dartmouth email will begin forwarding when this step is done. All incoming messages will be automatically forwarded to the address you entered; they will never be in your Dartmouth Inbox as the mail servers will forward them rather than delivering them to your Dartmouth Inbox.

2. Configure your Gmail account to sync with email programs.

  1. When you first create your Gmail account you have the option to set up two-factor authentication. You can also do this at if your Gmail account already exists. Two-factor authentication is more secure than allowing less secure apps. You can choose either step 2 below OR step 3.
  2. If you have not enabled two-factor authentication, you can make sure your account will sync with email programs by going to and turning on Allow less secure apps.
  3. If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will have to use application-specific passwords for each email application you want to use with your Gmail account. These are one-time passwords that you will use when adding your Gmail account to Apple Mail or to Outlook 2016. You will never have to remember the one-time password again. This URL has information about how to generate an application-specific password:

3a. Configure your Gmail account for use with Apple Mail for Macintosh

  1. Follow these directions to add your Dartmouth email account to Apple Mail
  2. Add your Gmail account to Apple Mail by clicking on Mail in the menu bar. Click Add Account..., select Google, and follow the prompts. NOTE: if you have two-factor authentication turned on, you will have to use an application-specific password instead of your Gmail account password.
  3. Wait for your email accounts to fully finish syncing all emails. This may take several hours depending on how many messages you have in your Dartmouth and Gmail accounts. Connecting to ethernet or the fastest internet connection available will help speed this up. You can keep track of the progress by clicking on Window in the menu bar, then Activity. Once all your email is synced, you will be ready to transfer email from your Dartmouth account to your Gmail account.
  4. Open a web browser, logon to your Gmail account. In the left navigation column, click "More". Click Create new label. This will create a new 'folder' in Gmail to contain your Dartmouth messages. In the New Label window, enter a name like "From Dartmouth" and click Create.
  5. Back in Apple Mail, in the left-hand sidebar that shows your email accounts and folders, click once to select a folder of Dartmouth emails that you wish to transfer and drag it into your "From Dartmouth" folder that you just created in Gmail in step 4. Apple Mail will begin copying the Dartmouth folder of emails into your Google account. This can take some time if there is a lot of mail. There is no progress indicator for this step, so please be patient!
  6. Repeat this process for all of the folders of emails that you wish to transfer to Gmail. Consider NOT copying folders that you may not need: e.g. Outbox, Junk email, Clutter, Deleted Items, etc.

3b. Configure your Gmail account for use with Outlook 2016 for Windows

  1. Download and install Microsoft Office for Windows if you haven't already done so by following the directions at:
  2. Follow these instructions to add your Dartmouth email account to Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Windows if you haven't done so already:
  3. Add your Gmail account to Outlook 2016 by clicking the File menu and then clicking +Add Account.
  4. Enter your Gmail address.
  5. Click Advanced Options and check Let me set up my account manually.
  6. Click Connect and chose account type Google.
  7. Click Next and enter your Gmail password (or your application-specific password if you have two-factor authentication enabled). Click OK. You may need to repeat this two or three times. If you still cannot connect, please go back to Section 2 above and ensure that your Gmail account has been configured to be ready to sync with Outlook.
  8. In the Account setup is complete box, Uncheck the Set up Outlook Mobile on my phone, too box. Click OK.
  9. Wait for your email accounts to fully finish syncing all emails. This may take a few hours depending on how many emails you have in your Dartmouth and Gmail accounts. Connecting to ethernet or the fastest internet connection available to you will help speed up this process. You can keep track of the progress by clicking on Send/Receive in the menu, then Show Progress. Alternatively, look for the message "All folders are up to date" in the center bottom of the mail window. Once all of your emails are synced, you are ready to transfer your emails from your Dartmouth account to your Gmail account.
  10. In Outlook, on the left in the account navigation column, see both your Dartmouth email account and your newly entered Gmail account.
  11. Right-click the new Gmail account and select New Folder….
  12. Enter From Dartmouth (or whatever name you wish for your Dartmouth mail folder) and press Enter.
  13. Go to your Dartmouth email account and select a folder to copy over to your Gmail account.
  14. Right-click that folder and click Copy Folder from the menu that appears.
  15. In the new window go to your newly added Gmail account and select the From Dartmouth email folder from step 12.
  16. Click OK to start the copy. The copy/sync progress can be viewed at the bottom middle of the window. This can take some time if there is a lot of  mail.
  17. Repeat steps 13 through 16 for all of the folders of emails that you wish to keep. Consider NOT copying folders that you may not need: e.g. Outbox, Junk email, Clutter, Deleted Items, etc.

4. Export your O365 contacts:

ImportantImporting contacts only works if your Gmail account is set to English. You can change it to your native language after the import is complete.

  1. If your Dartmouth mailbox is in the O365 environment, rather than gmail, open a web browser and log into
  2. Click the App Launcher (tic tac toe icon) in the upper left corner of the window.
  3. Click the People button.
  4. In the navigation column on the left, click Your contacts.
  5. Click the Manage tab, then Export Contacts. All contacts and Microsoft Outlook CSV are selected by default.
  6. Click Export which will export your contacts in a file named 'contacts.csv' into your Downloads folder.
  7. Open a web browser and logon to your Gmail account.
  8. Click the Gmail pop-down menu on the left side of the window and click Contacts or click the App Manager (tic tac toe icon) and click Contacts.
  9. Click More then click Import.
  10. Click CSV or vCard file.
  11. Click Select file and navigate to your Downloads folder to find the 'contacts.csv' file that you saved in Step 6.
  12. Click Import Contacts… from the left side.
  13. Click Browse… and select the ‘contacts.csv’ file from step 6 which should be located in Downloads.
  14. Click Import. The imported contacts will be under “My Contacts” as “Imported <date>” on the left.


Note: While Dartmouth makes every effort to ensure all forwarded mail is delivered, and delivered in a timely manner, we cannot control all aspects of mail flow into or out of Dartmouth's email environment. Original sender organizations can effectively prohibit the forwarding of email, intentionally or through misconfiguration. Recipient email providers can delay, block, quarantine or alter messages.

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