What does this Backup Alert! from Code42 CrashPlan mean?


Formerly known as CrashPlan - If you have a device that is configured to use Dartmouth's Code42 backup and disaster recovery service, and that device has not successfully backed up in 5 days, you will receive a warning notification via email from Code42.


If your device has not be on, on connected the Internet for 5 days, then this alert is appropriate.

If your device has been on and connected to the Internet, then there may be a problem with your CrashPlan software. In this case, we recommend:

  1. Shutting down, then restarting your computer to make sure the CrashPlan service is running on your device.
  2. Launch the CrashPlan application that is installed on your device, and log in with your NetID and password. Once logged in, take a look at the status at the top of the Backup window.
  3. If the status shows,
    • "Next Backup in xxx minutes", or "Backup running" that is good, check back in later to confirm the backup occurred.
    • "Synchronizing", this happens from time to time, but if that status never goes away, please submit a support request at dartgo.org/techhelp.
    • "Destination unavailable", please submit a support request at dartgo.org/techhelp.
    • For explanation of other status messages, please refer to CrashPlan Status Messages at the Code42 web site.


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