CrashPlan Warning : [ComputerName] Not Backed Up!


For users of Dartmouth’s Code42 CrashPlan service, you will receive via email a Not Backed Up notifications from Code42 for Enterprise, if a Dartmouth computers you have enrolled in the Code42 Service has not backed up for 5 days.


The most common cause for this alert is that a device is powered off, often due to vacation or other absence. This alert indicates a condition that can ideally be corrected.


What should I do about devices listed in the report that are not backing up?

  • Make sure that the Code42 service is running, and shows up in the menu bar (Mac) or system tracy (PC) where you can check the status. 
  • Restart your computer if needed to get the Code42 service running again.
  • Make sure computer is connected to the Internet and has not been turned off or asleep.
  • Log in to the Code42 application that is installed on the computer to check the status.
  • Maybe this a computer you are no longer using, or it was replaced with a new computer, let us know.

Code42 application - status messages

  • Next Backup in xxx minutes, or Backup running - good news, check back in later to confirm the backup occurred.
  • Synchronizing - this happens from time to time, but if that status never goes away, please submit a support request through the Service Desk.
  • Unable to backup: Archive is being maintained - message in the Code42 app. When archive maintenance runs on your backup archive, all backup activity stops until maintenance has completed.
  • Destination unavailable - restart your computer, be sure you have an Internet connection.
  • For more details, see the service and application sections of the CrashPlan Status Messages article.

For questions or assistance, please submit a support request through the Dartmouth Service Desk.

Backup Alert Example


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