Scanning Separate Originals on a Konica Minolta


  1. Press the Fax/Scan button on the Konica Minolta device.
  2. Select the destination email address.
  3. Place first original on the glass or in the Automatic Document Feeder (ADF).
  4. On the screen, in the lower right corner, press Application.
  5. In the Application window in section B, make sure that Separate Scan is set to ON.
  6. Press the Close button.

  7. Press the Start key to scan the first original. When the scan is completed, the screen on the copier will prompt you to Load the next original and press [Start]. If needed, touch Change Setting to change the option settings according to the new original as necessary.

  8. Repeat Step 7 as needed until all original are scanned.
  9. After all originals are scanned, touch Finish and press the Start key to send the completed scan to the email address you selected in Step 2.


For more information on the features and functionality options for Konica Minolta devices, see Bizhub User's Guides

Your can select to read online or download the user guide for your department's Konica Minolta.



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