Scan to Folder on Konica Minolta


Scanning to a folder from a Konica Minolta device is set up the same way that scanning to an email address is. It can only be set up and maintained by a departmental administrator who has been granted this right. Please work with your department's IT support office if you require this.

  1. Start PageScope Data Administrator.
  2. Click the Settings for Multiple Devices tab.
  3. Click Address Book maintenance.
  4. Click the device whose Address Book you need to modify then click Select
  5. Click Next. A copy of the address book information from the device select will be copied to your computer.
  6. When the import is complete, click Next.

Adding New Scan to Folder Locations

  1. If you just need to add entries, you do not need to select any entries, just click Next.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click SMB then OK.
  4. In the Abbreviated name field enter the name that you want to appear on the Konica screen.
  5. In the Host Address field, enter the server name to which documents scanned to this folder should be sent. (e.g. Scans Folder). Don't use the full path name.
  6. In the File Path field, enter the path to the folder where you want scanned documents to be delivered (e.g. of_provost\mydepartment\administration\Scans Folder). Don't use a leading or trailing slash.
  7. In the User ID field, enter the User ID for accessing the file path noted above. (e.g. d12345a). Don't include the domain.
  8. In the Password field, enter the password necessary for accessing this folder. It will appear as asterisks so anyone looking at this data won't know the password.
  9. Click OK.
  10. Add any additional address you want, repeating steps 4-6 for each address. When you are finished adding address, click Next.
  11. Click Start. The changes will be copied from your computer to the Konica.
  12. When it is complete, click Finished.

Modifying or Deleting Existing Addresses

  1. Click any entry you want to change the click Select.
  2. When you are finished selecting all the entries that you want to change, click Next.
  3. Any items selected will appear. Click the first address you want to change then click Edit or Delete - depending upon which you want. 
  4. Update the information as appropriate, then click OK.
  5. Modify or delete any additional addresses you want, repeating steps 3 and 4 for each. When you are finished modifying and/or deleting addresses, click Next.
  6. Click Start. The changes will be copied from your computer to the Konica.
  7. When it is complete, click Finished.



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