Save Commonly Used Copy Settings on a Konica Minolta


If there are common settings that you regularly change when copying on a Konica Minolta, you can save those settings so it's only two touches of a button to get them all set up. These are settings that you do NOT want as the default settings, but do often use.

  1. Set the copy settings on the Konica Minolta that you want to save for easy recall. (e.g. number of copies, color, double sided, paper size, etc.)
  2. Touch Program, found in the upper left corner of the window.
  3. Touch Not Registered.
  4. Touch New.
  5. Enter the name you want to give the group of settings you're saving.
  6. Touch OK.
  7. Touch Close.

Now, whenever you want those settings to be quickly selected:

  1. Touch Program.
  2. Touch the name you gave the setting.
  3. Touch Recall. All the settings that you saved with this name - the number of copies, color, double sided, paper size, etc. - will be automatically set.



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