Windows Updates


Microsoft provides an easy way of downloading updates to their operating systems, as well as other common Microsoft desktop applications via the Web:

  • In Windows 10, click Start then click the gear icon from the menu that appears. Click Update and Security.
  • Click Check for updates.  Once it has completed and says "You're up to date" click on View update history.
  • If the updates are not showing a recent date in time, click on Check online for updates from Microsoft Update to manually run them from the Microsoft Update Website.

To ensure that critical updates are downloaded and installed in a timely manner, we strongly recommend you set Windows Updates to automatically download and install "critical" updates for your system on a weekly basis. Your computer needs to be on at the time you set the updates to run, and some updates may require a restart of your computer. It is always a good idea to save or close any open files when you will be away from your computer for any period of time to avoid losing your work.


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