Configure Sound Settings on Konica Minolta


By default, the Sound Setting panel doesn't appear on the menu of the Konica Minolta device. The first step to changing the settings is to make it appear there, then you can make changes to the settings.

Adding Sounds Setting Panel to the Menu

Only someone with the administrator password can add the Sound Setting panel to the menu. If you do not have this, contact your department's IT support office.

  1. Touch Menu.
  2. Touch Utility.
  3. Touch Administrator Settings.
  4. Login with the administrator password.
  5. Touch System Settings.
  6. Forward to the last screen of options, and touch Custom Display Settings.
  7. Touch Main Menu Default Settings.
  8. Touch Main Menu Key # for a row that isn't already in use.
  9. Touch On.
  10. Touch Sound Setting.
  11. Touch OK and Close until you return to the main screen.

Changing When Sounds Play

  1. Touch Menu.
  2. Touch Sound Setting.
  3. Touch Sound Setting again.
  4. Update the settings you need.
  5. In order to prevent people who don't have administrator access to the machine from changing these settings, follow the same steps as above for adding the Sound Setting panel to the menu, except in step 9, Touch Off.



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