OurFiles Permissions

When you first access OurFiles, you will only see those folders which you have permission to see; there may be others.

People have "read only" permissions to top-level folders; they will not be able to create sub-folders in any of these top level areas.

When you double click one of these top level folders to open it, you will see more folders at the second level which you have permission to access; there may be others. If you need another folder created at a level where you lack permission, contact your department's IT support office to request they create that folder. They will need to know the name that you want given to the folder and the people who should have access to that level of folder. Anything created within security controlled folders must inherit "read" and "write" permissions onto lower folder/file levels.

If you have "write" access to a security controlled folder that you opened, you can create as many levels of sub-folders within that folder as you need. Files can be added within that folder level and all its sub folders as well. However, permissions for any files or folders within the second level folder must be the same as the permissions to the second level folder itself. If you need more restrictions, you must request a different second level folder.

For a thorough understanding of permission structure in OurFiles, please do not hesitate to contact your department's IT support office for additional information.


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