Course Design and One-on-One Consulting

We offer consultation on web-enhanced and/or technology rich course design and re-development. Each consultation is customized to meet the unique goals of each course and to match an instructors teaching philosophy and style. Instructors are welcome to come to us during various stages of preparation and can receive consultation on a wide range of course design components and issues.

Some areas of consultation offered are:

  • Course redesign
  • Mapping learning goals to course content and assignments.
  • Syllabi construction, both substantive and formal.
  • Digital delivery of written assignments, tests, and other methods of assessing student learning and performance.
  • Design and development of multimedia learning units.
  • Online grading methods and policies.
  • Discussion management and trigger question design.
  • Student engagement techniques.
  • Selecting digital content for augmenting the learning process.
  • Design of student centric online assignments.
  • Discussion of pedagogical orientation or interests.
  • Delivery of digitized course audio and video through Canvas.

Requesting Consultation

Any faculty member, graduate student, or post-doc teaching at Dartmouth can request consultation by contacting us at Including information about any preliminary plans you may have for your course and any outstanding concerns you may have in the body of the email will assist our Learning Designers in preparing for the consultation.

Please schedule consultations whenever it is convenient for you, but many instructors choose to have them a month or two prior to the term in which the technique will be integrated into a course offering. This allows sufficient time to discuss, develop, and revise new course components. The more work that is needed to prepare the course and the less certain you are of its structure, the earlier you may wish to schedule a consult, and the more you may find additional consults helpful.



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