SPSS for Windows


SPSS is statistical analysis software and is controlled via a license manager.  Our license includes the SPSS Base Package, plus SPSS Advanced Statistics and Regression packages.   You must be on the campus network or VPN to use the network license.  The current release is 26, which runs on 64-bit Windows 7 and newer. Older versions are available at rcweb.dartmouth.edu/downloads/spss/

  1. Using a web browser, please access the following URLs:
  2. Locate the file you just downloaded, then do the following:
    • Double-click IBM_SPSS_STATISTICS_CLIENT_64-BIT.exe
    • Take all default options offered and when prompted, accept the license agreement.  Note:  you will be prompted to accept license agreements several times during the installation.
    • The last step in the installation process is  the license setup.  Choose concurrent licensing, and use spsslicense.dartmouth.edu for the server. You can also explicitly run the SPSS License Wizard to do this.
    • Click Finish.
  3. Before starting the software, you need to connect to the Dartmouth network - use "eduroam" WiFi or wired network on-campus, or use VPN if you are off campus. 
  4. To run SPSS, the IBM SPSS Statistics 26 program is located in the IBM SPSS Statistics folder. 
  5. Please inform our SPSS license manager, Jianjun Hua, of the installation at Jianjun.Hua@dartmouth.edu

If you wish to license additional SPSS features, you may want to check out the premium pack  at https://www.studica.com/us/en/IBMSPSS/ibm-spss-statistics-premium-v25-faculty-pack/d0ewtll25.html. You can purchase this on your own, effectively purchasing a new license key that you will own for the 12 month term you purchase it.

For other questions about SPSS, contact Jianjun.Hua@dartmouth.edu


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