JMP Pro for Windows

JMP Pro  is Statistical Analysis software from SAS


The current version of JMP is 15.2

1. Download the software installers and license file needed for JMP.

  • Download the appropriate JMP installer file.
  • Download the appropriate JMP license file.  Use File:Save As to save the file. 
  • Download the latest JMP updater file, if any​​​, from  JMP​​ downloads (currently 15.2 is the latest.  Unfortunately the updater may be as large as the original installer, but can only be applied after the original install)​​​​

2. To install JMP

  • Unzip (Extract All) the file.
  • Navigate to JMP_Pro_Windows\JMP\JMP_Pro\15_0\Windows\.
  • Run setup.exe.
  • Select 32 or 64 bit, and optional languages.  This installs JMP Pro 15.0 on your system

3. To update JMP

  • If an update was available, run jmpupdater__XXX__win__pro.exe.  This can only be done on a computer with JMP 15.0 or later already installed. 

4. To run JMP and add the license file

  • Locate the newly install JMP Pro 15 and run it
  • If the license bundled with the installer requires updating, you will be prompted by a “Provide Your JMP License” window. In order to update the license, you need to quit and restart JMP using the Run as Administrator function. 
  • Click the Open License button.  
  • Navigate to the license.txt license file you downloaded, click on it to select it, then click the Choose button.
  • You will be prompted by a “Personalize Your JMP License” window; optionally enter your name. Click OK.
  • You should then see a “Your license has been accepted. Thank You” dialog; click OK.
  • The first launch of the program may ask you to register. This is optional; selecting 'yes' will open a web form.

You should now be all set to run JMP Pro


JMP  is an annually renewed site license.  For new license files as they become available, or new updates to JMP, check  This license does not require you to be on the Dartmouth network to use it. However, we ask that you also install KeyAccess client so that usage information may be gathered, and subsequent renewals justified.

Our license permits us to us both JMP and JMP Pro, There is nothing to be saved by installing the 'non-Pro' version - it simply disables some of the functionality, so we recommend ignoring that version.  A Primer on using JMP may be found at

Licenses for earlier versions of JMP may still be available at, but we recommend keeping your JMP installation current.

System Requirements for JMP

  • Windows 7-64bit or later
  • The final installed disk space is approx. 850 MB
  • Windows Server 2012 or later.

Send email to Research Computing for additional information. 


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