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Why don't my graphs show up properly in Microsoft Word documents on a Mac?

Graphs pasted from Stata into Microsoft Word for Windows do not show up properly when the Word document is opened on a Macintosh. To work around this problem, save the graph from Stata as a .tif file. Then insert that file into your Word document using Insert->Picture->From File. The graph will then appear correctly whether the Word document is opened on a Mac or a Windows machine.

Why can't I open my .dta file?

If you see the error "no room to add more observations..." Stata is telling you the file is too large for the amount of memory allocated to the program. (The default allocation is 1 mb.) You can allocate more memory to Stata by using the set memory command as follows:

set mem 10m

This will allocate 10 mb to Stata which should be sufficient for most datasets.

You can make the change in allocation permanent by using the "perm" option. For example:

set mem 10m, perm

This will allocate 10 mb to Stata every time the program is started.


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