Accessing SharePoint

SharePoint is an online communication and collaboration environment. With Microsoft® SharePoint, you can:

  • Create a community of people who have access to a common set of information that's always kept current;
  • Build a collaboration space to meet the specific needs of your group or project - create shared calendars, workflows, meeting workspaces, custom lists, and much more to allow SharePoint to best meet your situation;
  • Create and save documents in a single, secure location and use excellent search capabilities to find content.

Because SharePoint documents are hosted on the cloud, you can access them from any computer.

Getting Access

To find out if SharePoint can help you address a business need, contact the SharePoint Service Team via email at or the IT Service Desk at

Logging In

Access to each SharePoint site is controlled via the person who requested that particular SharePoint site be set up or their designate. This person is referred to as the "site administrator". Site administrators are the ones who grant access to their SharePoint sites. This is NOT a function that the IT Service Desk or SharePoint Service Team can do for you. To access your SharePoint site(s) contact your "Site Administrator".

Getting Help

If you are having problems accessing your SharePoint site or issues within your site, contact your site administrator. If you are a site administrator who is having issues accessing your own site, contact the SharePoint Service Team at or


SharePoint training is offered through the SharePoint Service Team. In addition, informational videos on SharePoint are available at LinkedIn Learning. If you would like to discuss training or schedule a training session specifically for your department, contact the SharePoint Service Team at

System Requirements

A web browser is all that is required to access a SharePoint site once the Site Administrator has granted you permission to that site. Web browsers that we know work include:

  • Internet Explorer (32–bit recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari (some limitations)


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