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If you have been notified that you are using Basic authentication, below are steps on how to remove and add your Dartmouth account on your MacOS device. Users that have added their account using Basic authentication years ago will be required to remove and re-add their account to ensure they can continue to sync their account with Microsoft 365 and comply with Modern authentication standards.  In doing so, when adding your account you will be presented with the Dartmouth Single Sign On (DUO) process you use with other services.

Microsoft Outlook is the recommended and supported email client for MacOS at Dartmouth. When you move to Outlook please continue the follow the steps provided for your Apple Device. This will ensure a smooth transition.

You can always access your Dartmouth email and calendar by using from any supported web browser.

NOTE: Before performing these steps on your mobile device


Remove your account
Re-adding your account

Removing your Dartmouth Account

  1. Close Apple Mail, Calendar and Contacts applications if they are open

  2. Open System Preferences > Internet Accounts

  3. Select your Dartmouth Account (This might be called Exchange or something else depending on whether you named it or not)

  4. In the bottom left of the interface you will see a ‘+’ and a ‘-’ option., Select the ‘-’ to start the removal process

  5. If you are not using iCloud Keychain Sync you should see the screen below to just remove the account from this computer. Select 'OK

  6. If you are using iCloud Keychain you will be prompted with a message stating ‘Do you want to remove the Exchange account from all your computers using iCloud keychain or Turn it off on only this Mac?

  7. The option for ‘Turn Off Account’ should be highlighted and represents the account in this computer. Selecting this option will only make the account inactive. You should see another option for ‘Remove From All’ which will remove the account from this device and any other Mac devices you have communicating/syncing iCloud Keychain with your iCloud account.

  8. Select ‘Remove from all’ and your Dartmouth Mail account will be removed. As mentioned above if you have this account synced on another Mac, iCloud Keychain should gracefully remove it from other MacOS based devices you have set the account up on.

Account Removed

Adding your Dartmouth account

  1. Open the Mail app.
  2. In the top menu bar, select Mail > Add Account.
  3. Select the mail account provider for your Dartmouth account. If you receive your Dartmouth email in Outlook, select Microsoft Exchange. If your email goes to Gmail, select Google.

  1. Enter your name in the Name field. Enter your in the Email Address Field (for ex: and click Sign In.

  1. Select Sign In in the next window that appears.

  1. A Dartmouth login screen should appear. Use your NetID, password, and Duo to authenticate.
  2. Select the applications that you want to use with your account. If you are only looking to sync your mail, deselect everything but Mail.

List of apps to use with Microsoft Exchange account

  1. Click Done.

It will take a few moments for email messages to begin populating the Inbox. You should see your list of folders appear in the sidebar. You may need to click on one of the folders to refresh the page and begin to see the loaded messages.

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