Public Computers Locations and Policies

Public computers are clusters of personal computers and workstations in open-access work spaces that are connected to the computer network. These computers are available in several locations around campus. They are in high demand, so please be courteous of other users.


Information, Technology & Consulting (ITC) maintains public computers in the following locations:

  • Baker/Berry
  • Kresge Library
  • Collis
  • Hopkins Center
  • Silsby
  • Rockefeller
  • Moore
  • Fairchild
  • Robinson
  • `53 Commons
  • Alumni Gym
  • Brace Commons

In addition, computers in the Instructional Center in 37 Dewey Field Road are also maintained by Information, Technology & Consulting.

Several academic departments (for example, the departments of Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Geography, Mathematics, Music, and Physics and Astronomy) provide specialized laboratories or work spaces specifically to support the computing needs of their disciplines. These facilities are maintained by those departments or groups.


To report a problem with a public computer, send an email message to Be sure to include the name and number of the computer (usually located on a white sticker on the front of the computer), the location of the computer, and a general description of the problem.

Additional Software

To request additional software be added or updated on the public computers maintained by ITC, send an email message to

People who would like software added to the public computers need to provide at least two weeks lead time prior to having the software installed on the computers. If it is a commercial product, proof of ownership of the software will need to be provided for the number of machines on which the public cluster image is installed.

Software will not be installed on a single computer for a single user.

If You Leave

If you need to do something that will cause you to be away from this computer for more than ten minutes, take your things with you so that someone else can use the computer. There is approximately one public computer for every 100 students at Dartmouth, so you need to make the computer available for others to use in your absence.

Save Your Work

Do not leave your only copy of a document on a public computer. The next person to use the computer can delete your file(s) and you will not be able to retrieve it. Additionally, as part of general maintenance, public computers are periodically reset to a default state. All files saved by public computer users are deleted and can't be retrieved.

For information on where you can store your documents on a networked server, see Using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Program. It is advisable to carry an external USB device with you so that you can save all your work to the device instead of the public computer. External USB devices can be purchased at The Computer Store located in the basement of McNutt.


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