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BioRender is a web-based tool designed specifically for creating scientific figures and illustrations. It offers a vast library of pre-made icons and templates tailored to various fields of biology and medicine, making it easier for researchers, scientists, and educators to produce high-quality visuals for publications, presentations, protocols, posters, grant applications, brainstorming, graphing, and educational materials. The platform is user-friendly, allowing for customization and efficient figure creation without needing advanced graphic design skills.


Dartmouth College community members can now purchase a BioRender Premium License at a significant discount through the Computer Store online request form. Contact The Computer Store if you have any questions about license purchase. Yearly licensing starts on July 1 of every year, and the cost is prorated monthly. Order the license and wait for the confirmation email that your order has been processed before getting started with BioRender (usually within 2 business days).

In addition to all BioRender Basic features, BioRender Premium users unlock the following additional features and benefits: 
•    Unlimited illustrations
•    High-resolution export (png, jpg, pdf)
•    Transparent background with no watermark
•    Permission to publish in journals
•    Custom icon requests
•    Access to all icons and templates

If you already have purchased a "personal" BioRender license and would like to benefit from the negotiated discount:

  1. Join our institutional license, purchased via the Computer Store.
  2. Successfully log into BioRender using your institutional credentials.
  3. Request a prorated refund through the BioRender Support directly, stating that you are joining the Dartmouth College group license. 

If you did not use your institutional email ( to purchase your personal license, you can update your account’s email using the Settings section of the BioRender portal. 

Contact BioRender Support directly with any license switching related questions.

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Logging In

Once the order is processed, log into BioRender's portal at After passing through Dartmouth's Single Sign-on, you will be presented with the BioRender Gallery page where you can start creating new projects.

Getting Started

Please see Biorender's official website and especially their recorded webinar series on how to get started and make use of all the BioRender features.

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