Improve Text Readability on iPhones


For many users, the default size of text on mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, can be difficult to read. Improving the user experience in terms of navigation and readability, can also help improve future support to individuals.


The following changes to your iPhone (currently iOS 17.4.1) will help make everything on screen a little easier to see and navigate, by making things a little bigger and easier to read. Note the differences in the default and modified view, following the process below.


  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Accessibility
  3. Tap on Display & Text Size
  4. Tap to turn on the switch next to Bold Text
  5. Tap on Larger Text
  6. Tap to turn on the switch next to Larger Accessibility Sizes
  7. At the bottom of the window is a slider. You can tap or drag on the slider bar to make the sample text large enough to be comfortable for you to read
  8. Tap to turn on switch next to Increase Contrast
  9. Tap on the Back text in the upper-left corner
  10. Tap on the Back text again
  11. Tap on Settings text in upper-left corner
  12. Tap on Display & Brightness
  13. Scroll down and click on Display Zoom
  14. There are two options, Default and Larger Text. Tap on Larger Text, then tap on Done in the upper-right
  15. You will be asked Use Zoomed or Cancel. Tap on Use Zoomed. The phone will briefly restart

Now everything should be a little easier to read and see. Icons are just a little bigger, text will bigger, and text in most apps should be a lot easier to read.

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