Zoom 6.0.0 Update

Zoom 6 is here!

With this release Zoom has made updates to many areas of the application. It contains substantial visual updates, so please continue reading and familiarize yourself with some of the changes. Your Zoom app will not update on its own and you can choose to remain on 5.x.x if you desire. For those interested in updating, you can initiate the update by clicking on your profile in the Zoom client (upper right) and then clicking Check for updates. After the update is completed, you can click Discover what's new to see a pop-up that walks you through the new features and that provides a link to the full release notes.

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User Interface

  • Consolidated Meeting and Calendar tabs
  • Multi-speaker video layout
  • Personalized in-meeting toolbar


  • Meeting wallpapers
  • AI-generated Virtual Backgrounds
  • Customized waiting room for Webinars

AI Companion

  • AI Companion features can be disabled in a meeting. Additionally, all meeting assets generated, such as recordings, summary, and transcript, can be deleted.


Zoom has yet to provide official documentation on these new features outside of the release notes, but this page will be updated as more information is shared with your Zoom admin team.

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