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Computer Assurance Program (CAP)

The Computer Assurance Program (CAP) was implemented in fiscal year 2002-2003 (at that time called the "Standards program") to provide a stable work environment for departments. It is managed by Dartmouth's Computer Store. If you have questions about the program, please contact Theresa Woodward in the Computer Store. CAP computers can be identified by a green sticker on the back indicating "Property of Dartmouth College Computer Assurance program".

Key Features and Benefits

Today's technology can become outdated just as fast as it's created. Wouldn't it be great to have a solution for keeping up with the ever-changing climate of evolving technology? With Computer Assurance Program (CAP), the headache of dealing with obsolete technology is eliminated.

There are benefits to obtaining your computer directly through CAP. The Computer Store is staffed with technology experts who can assist you in the ordering and setup of your computer. They can also give you recommendations for systems and applications that are compliant with Dartmouth standards. When you work with IT experts, they can help you with a system that works best for you. 

Plan Overview

Information, Technology and Consulting (ITC) has implemented guidelines for subsidizing replacement cost of desktop and laptop computers on a three (3) year cycle as allowed by funding and as dictated by the College. These replacement guidelines ensure that faculty and staff always have adequate computing power, that the latest security measures are always implemented, and that ITC can provide the highest quality of service.

The program provides benefits by equipping eligible faculty and staff with tested, predictable, and reliable hardware and software configurations resulting in computers that are easier to use and to support. Removing older, outdated equipment from the network also reduces the overall cost of desktop support and maintenance.


The overall purpose of the program is to ensure that computing resources on campus are up-to-date. The goals of CAP is to:

  • Centrally maintained standard applications, pre-installed and configured on computers.
  • Easy access to software
  • Computer upgrades available every three years
  • Access to loaner equipment in the event of needing repairs or other issues.
  • Ensures that desktop computer systems have sufficient capacity and compatibility to meet each department and school’s operational needs
  • Establish a centralized budget which provides basic computing resources for college employees, thereby providing relief to area budgets and reducing reliance on year-end surplus and current fund contingency
  • Maintains ongoing compatibility of computer systems with the computer applications used within each department and school at Dartmouth
  • Streamline the specification, acquisition, and deployment of new equipment and re-deployment or disposal of old equipment
  • Standard remote support tools installed to enable ITC staff to be able to maintain the computers, including automated installation for updated applications and system software.
  • If there is a problem with a Computer Assurance Program machine, the machine does not go into the regular repair queue. The Computer Assurance Program repair queue has a 24-to-48 hour turnaround, depending upon parts availability. As CAP computers are always under warranty, there is typically no charge to departments for repairs.

Cost Breakdown

Departments at Dartmouth are encouraged to participate in the Computer Assurance Program (CAP).

  • Departments that join the program during the fiscal year need to request a permanent budget transfer of $400 for each Dell desktop, $525 for each Dell laptop, $709 for each Macintosh desktop, and $860 for each Macintosh laptop they want in the Computer Assurance Program. In addition to purchasing a new computer every three years, this money also helps to defray costs for the operating system upgrades, Device Assurance Program, licenses, and the support staff. The rates for departments joining in future years may change.
  • The cost to upgrade from a Windows desktop, that has been in the Computer Assurance Program, to a Windows laptop is a permanent budget transfer of $125.
  • The cost to upgrade from a Windows desktop that has been in the Computer Assurance Program to a Macintosh desktop is a permanent budget transfer of $310.
  • The cost to upgrade from a Windows laptop that has been in the Computer Assurance Program to a Macintosh laptop is a permanent budget transfer of $385.
  • Computer Assurance Program computers are standardized across all departments. If a department wants something other (such as additional RAM, or larger hard drive) than what is available in the Computer Assurance Program, they will need to provide additional funds to make the change. When the computer is due to be replaced, the upgraded components the department purchased the computer will become the possession of the Computer Assurance Program.
  • The department can purchase accessories (cables, adapters, monitors, docks, etc) outside the program and these will remain the property of the department.

Additional Fees:

  • Windows computers come with a four-year warranty that includes "Complete Care", so most repairs are covered, including accidental damage.
  • Macintosh computers come with a three-year warranty that includes accidental damage up to the initial value of the computer.
  • Repairs not covered by the warranty that are the result of normal operation are covered by the Computer Assurance Program.
  • Repairs not covered by the warranty and that are the result of inappropriate care by the department are the responsibility of the department.

For more information, contact Theresa Woodward in The Computer Store.

Replacement Cycle

  • When a department's computers are due for replacement, ITC staff will contact and work with the department to fill out the appropriate form. A form must be completed for each computer to be replaced. Once the forms are completed, and budget money has been transferred, if applicable, the equipment will be ordered.
    • For inquiries about when a computer is due for replacement, or if you believe a computer is overdue for replacement, please contact Theresa Woodward.
  • After the equipment arrives, a technician from The Computer Store will then schedule a time with the department that is convenient for them. Each user's data will be transferred to an external source, the new computer set up on the user's desk, their data transferred back from the external source, and additional configurations made that are specific to that user's requirements. The technician will then show the user the features of the new computer, installing any applications that are unique to the user, making sure they know where all of their applications are located and that they are functioning, that their peripheral devices work, etc.
  • Computers in the Computer Assurance Program (CAP) will be disposed of through the program and are not available to the individual departments once they are replaced. They also cannot be disposed of in any way by the department.
  • Departments that cannot locate a Computer Assurance Program computer or accessory at the time it is due to be replaced will be responsible for full replacement value of the equipment.

Equipment Options

There is a standard all-in-one model and a standard laptop model for both Windows and Macintosh computers, as well as a desktop model for Windows.

Equipment Options


Note: Some departments opt to change certain components of a user's configuration. If you would like to request this, please understand there will be an additional charge to the department. Additionally, custom requests may take longer to fulfill due to vendor shipping times.



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