Zoom - Sharing PowerPoint Presentation in the Classroom

Setup Guide to Sharing PowerPoint Presentation in the Classroom via Zoom

You would like to share your PowerPoint presentation in the classroom and to your remote attendees (or use Zoom to record).

This guide assumes you are using the installed classroom computer and it is already routed to the projector.   Or you are using your laptop and it is connected to the AV system and is routed to the projector.

  • Open PowerPoint
  • Open your presentation
  • Start slide show
  • Select and hold “command” key and “tab” key to view the dock to launch Zoom
  • Launch Zoom
    • Log-in, select SSO
  • Start Zoom session
    • Verify video, sound and microphone settings are correct
  • In Zoom select share
  • You will see three PowerPoint options to choose
    • Document in Edit mode
    • Document in presentation mode
    • Document in Slide show
  • Select the slides with the label "Microsoft PowerPoint - PowerPoint"
  • Select Share Button
  • Verify that your Zoom controls appear as an overlay on presenter view, on the computer.  If the Zoom controls are not there,
    • Look at the projection screen (now in extended screen mode)
    • Slide the mouse pointer over to the projection screen
    • Click, hold and drag the controls to your computer screen

Note:  If you would like to end the slide show without leaving the Zoom meeting, select ESC (escape) key to exit out of slide show.  This ends your Power Point Presentation, however, Zoom meeting is still active.


Available To:

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
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