Customizing Post Policies in Canvas


If you've been working with Canvas for some time, you're aware that the "mute" button used to exist where the "Post Policies" button now lives. The purpose of the change was to provide additional opportunities for customization for grade release.

There are 3 primary approaches for releasing grades, so find the way you do it in the list below to see how to use Post Policies in the way you used to use the "mute" button.

Release Grades Automatically

This setting is the default in the new gradebook. If this is how you manage the release of your grades, simply do nothing and grades will show up for students as soon as they are entered.

Selective Release Times (Based on Assignment Type)

Maybe you like to release quiz and short homework assignment grades immediately but would rather exam or paper/essay grades are released once all learners' submissions have been assessed. If so, the best approach for this is to use the manual "Post Policy" for only the assignment you wish to have the grades release all at the same time.

Grading is Completed for Entire Assignment Before Grades are Released

If you'd prefer for grades to release when all of the scoring and commenting has been completed on your end--meaning all learners receive grades at the exact same time. In this case, you'll want to set the "Post Policies" to manual for the entire course.


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