Providing Extra Time or Alternative Times in Canvas Quizzes and Assignments

There are two types of accomodations that often come up related to assignments and quizzes from both Student Accessibility Services and student needs overall: (a.) Extra Time on a given assessment (most common) and (b.) providing a different scheduled time for the assignment or quiz.

Assigning Extra Time for Students

To give a student extra time (e.g. 1.25x, 1.5x, etc.) on Quizzes in Canvas, do the following.

  1. Setup the quiz with all of your preferred settings, questions, and options. 

Note: Set the availability dates especially so that you don't unintentionally share the quiz to students earlier than you intend to.

  1. Publish the Quiz. Verify it's published by looking for the published green check.
    A published quiz denoted by the green check mark
  2. Once the quiz is published, click the quiz title on the Quizzes page (not "Edit").
    an image showing the clickable quiz title
  3. From the quiz item page, click on Moderate This Quiz.
    the related items next to the canvas quiz including "Moderate this Quiz"
  4. Find the student that you wish to give extra time to for the assessment. Click the pencil on the far right side next to that student's name.the student name and pencil icon allowing for editing their individual quiz attempts and options
  5. You have the option of giving extra attempts and/or extra time from this page. Enter the amount of extra time you want the student in question to receive. (e.g. If the quiz is 60 minutes and the student is approved for time and a half or 1.5x -- enter 30 into the minutes box). Click Save when you are done.the options for adding extra attempts and extra time with the save button highlighted

Note: Unfortunately, Canvas doesn't currently allow instructors to provide extra time systematically across multiple quizzes from one screen. Repeat these steps for each student across each quiz in question.

Providing an Alternative Time for an Assignment

Both Quizzes and Assignments in Canvas allow for assigning an alternative set of availability dates and due dates to an individual or section of students. 

  1. Navigate to the assignment or quiz you would like to assign for a different time.
  2. Click Edit for the given assignment or quiz.
  3. Scroll to the Assign section.
  4. Click + Add.
  5. Enter the student(s) or sections you would like to change the availability.
  6. Complete the DueAvailable From, and Until options specific to the accommodation.
  7. Repeat for multiple student(s) or section(s).
  8. Click Save and Publish or Save​​​​​​​. 
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