Qualtrics - Getting Help

There are two ways of getting personal help for Qualtrics:

  1. Contact Qualtrics directly through their Support platform: 

    1. Navigate to https://www.qualtrics.com/support/

    2. Click on "CONTACT SUPPORT" (top-right corner)

    3. Select "Sign in with SSO" if not already signed into your Dartmouth brand institutional account (NetID+password)

    4. Put Organization ID: "dartmouth"

    5. Click Continue 

    6. You will be presented with a Dartmouth SSO login window

    7. After successful SSO+DUO log in, select "I have a different support request"

    8. Select the product (usually "Survey Platform")

    9. Select your preferred way to contact them: Chat, Email or Phone - follow the prompts

  2. Contact in-house Dartmouth Brand Admin directly, your department's IT support office, or the IT Service Desk at 603-646-2999


All other support is provided by Qualtrics:

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