Windows 11: Before you Upgrade

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Microsoft released Windows 11 on October 5, 2021

Our Recommendation

We recommend waiting to upgrade your operating system until:

  • ITC provides official approval following their testing and validation of core applications and services.  
  • You verify that your computer hardware, software applications, and peripheral devices are compatible with the new operating system.
    • In some cases, an upgrade for your third party software applications may not be free.
  • You are aware of the changes that the new operating system brings and whether those changes will affect your work.
  • Best Practice: It is best to wait for at least one maintenance release of a major operating system.

ITC staff are testing core applications used on campus from Microsoft, Adobe, Zoom, etc. As soon as these new supported versions are validated we will provide guidance on when it is safe to upgrade. Until that time, Windows 11 is not supported.

Still have questions?

Submit a ticket for a consultation about when to upgrade


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